5 Steps to a Classy Man Cave

“Classy Man Cave” may seem like an oxymoron, but trust me it can be done. I recently had the pleasure of incorporating a man cave into a bachelor pad project and it was so much fun! Here are 5 ways to keep it classy.

    1.    Choose a sophisticated paint color. For this project we used Sherwin-Williams Homburg Gray. It is a beautiful, deep gray and perfect for creating a dark, cozy room. We were going for a British pub vibe, so dark walls were a must. Dark walls help to create that cave-like atmosphere…most men aren’t looking for a light and airy feel. You know I love navy walls, so that is another great option.

Artful Interiors Man Cave SW Homburg Gray

    2.    Have an awesome bar. Let’s face it, next to the tv, the bar is the most important feature in a man cave. Men like to get together and drink. Period. You want a bar with lots of storage for glasses, mixers, liquor, what have you. If you have the space, a kegerator or mini fridge is a nice addition. In this space, we opted for a traditional bar that the host can serve drinks from behind. There is even extra seating with bar stools. We kept it on pub-theme with the vintage carved pub mirror.

Artful Interiors Man Cave Bar

    3.    Comfortable seating does not have to be ugly. I’m afraid this is where a lot of man caves lose their sophistication. People focus only on the comfort and not on having a sofa or chair that is also aesthetically pleasing. Leather is a classic choice that also takes it up a notch. If you are planning to host lots of people, choose a large sofa or sectional - again, it does not have to be ugly. My client loves his leather swivel chair that can conveniently face the tv AND the bar and pub table.

Artful Interiors Man Cave Leather Chair

    4.    Create a curated display of memorabilia. Yeah, this one is tough. Sports memorabilia is difficult to display and the colors can sometimes be non-classy. I recommend designating a specific area for these items and grouping them on a nice shelf. If you invest a little in specialty cases for things like baseballs, footballs, and autographed items, it will help it look more visually cohesive. We used an industrial shelving unit to display vintage books, heirloom bobbleheads, and other miscellaneous items (like classy “man candles” with scents like vanilla bourbon and smoked tobacco).

Artful Interiors Man Cave Bobble Heads
Artful Interiors Man Cave Vintage Glasses

5. Hang cool artwork. Be discriminating here - you don’t have to hang everything up on the wall. And don’t just slap it up with a piece of tape. Group things together and unify them with similar frames. If you have a lot of smaller items, like beer signs, they’ll have more impact if hung tightly in a group rather than spread all over the room. Posters are fine, but again, it needs to be in a frame. This client picked out awesome movie posters, and we kept it classy by purchasing them all in the same size and style and with matching frames.

Artful Interiors Man Cave Movie Posters
Artful Interiors Man Cave Beer Signs

I hope this helps you create your own classy man cave!