Client Testimonials

My living room furniture arrived, and is even lovelier than I hoped. It suits the space perfectly, combines a delicate palette of colors and ethereal feel with real comfort and substantial functionality. I have worked with interior decorators before, but Marisa set herself way over and above. She really listened, and translated my thoughts into furniture that looks designed just for the house. It's terrific - couldn't be happier with her choices. She clearly explained costs and time frames, so I knew what to expect. It was not an easy project, and she was patient and thoughtful throughout.

Carmen A., Cape May, NJ, Full Service Design

Marisa was a great help. I needed assistance getting my existing furniture and accessories to work in our new, downsized house. She did a great job making my rooms work again. She understood my look and how it wasn't working in the new spaces. She helped me see how to make it work and to see new color schemes. 

She created a Pinterest Board for me which really helped to see steps to get to the end goal. It also helped my husband to buy-in :-). I had not initially understood how the Pinterest Board would help, but it is really useful.

Marisa changed the way we approached our decoration for living room, master bedroom and den. Our house feels much more like a home after her involvement. I would recommend her easily and I look forward to bringing her back for more insights.

Kim L., Charlotte, NC, Consultation

I selected Artful Interiors because I personally knew the designer. I had the up most confidence that she would be able to understand my sense of style and elevate it to the next level. Marisa visited my residence for a one on one consultation which was a great experience! I knew from the start that she had a great ideas for my condo. I used her expertise to evaluate my existing space and provide me with a shopping list and a design ideas on how to upgrade my look. The work was done promptly and included everything I needed to move forward with my design changes. I'm so excited to put the list and ideas to work at my place. I would highly recommend Artful Interiors for their services!

Leanne D., Charlotte, NC, Consultation

When my husband and I moved into our new (first) house, we knew that we didn't want to do what we had done in our previous space: rush to acquire a hodge-podge of budget items that didn't work together and that we'd have to replace down the line. We knew we needed a PLAN, and neither of us has any sort of vision when it comes to interior design... at all. 

We hired Marisa with Artful Interiors to create a design board for our living room because we wanted to prioritize this living space where we knew guests and family would spend the most time. During our consultation, she collected our (totally all over the place) thoughts and opinions and honestly we had no idea how she would find common themes or ideas between our two, different styles! The one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted the room to feature a painting that was a wedding gift to us, so that had to be a focal point. 

There's a reason Marisa's business name is "Artful Interiors"... WOW. The design she came up with absolutely blew us away in interpreting our style, being totally creative (while still approachable and comfortable) and highlighting the painting. I've never seen another room like it, and our friends and family can't get over how fresh and beautiful the space is. We saved SO much money by having a plan in place instead of collecting random pieces along the way, and now we feel like we've invested in a room we'll enjoy for years to come. 

Marisa is an exceptional professional who understood our wishes and needs even better than we did; I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We can't wait to work with her again for additional rooms in our home!

Cristina W., Charlotte, NC, Design Board

I hired Marisa Wilson from Artful Interiors to decorate my bedroom. I had purchased my home about 8 months prior and had been dragging my feet when it came to decorating my bedroom. I was burnt-out and exhausted from some serious decorating overload. A girl can only handle so much HGTV and Pinterest. Every design decision dragged on for weeks, second guessing myself and adding countless hours of additional research. I finally decided that I needed some help. That turned out to be the best decision! 

Like many people, I was hesitant to bite the bullet and spend some serious cash hiring a professional to design a room. But let me tell you, you get your money’s worth with Marisa. I was so impressed with the entire process. I am now a convert, and totally understand the benefits of hiring an interior decorator. 

Marisa was always extremely professional yet personable and friendly. She was able to make the entire experience comfortable and FUN. I was impressed with her ability to interact with me on a creative level. She was able to develop a concept unique to me. She asked a lot of questions and perfectly assessed the look I wanted. Marisa was always prepared to discuss my needs, ideas, and most importantly, budget for my bedroom. 

After our initial consultation (which was such a blast! She brought the bubbly), she had my own personal design board ready within a couple of days for my review and it was PERFECT! We fine-tuned my likes and dislikes. Then Marisa was off to do her magic. She kept in contact throughout the process sending me exciting messages with her unique finds. She also worked with me to select the art in my bedroom. Before I knew it, it was install day. I came home to a perfect bedroom. She nailed my personal style. It was more than I had ever hoped for. 

For those analytical folks, Marisa’s fees are worth every penny when you calculate her time spent researching and shopping to find the perfected pieces for your room. 

I am so happy with my bedroom and with my Artful Interiors experience. What would have been a time-consuming, high-stress project, if I had done it myself, was instead exciting and stress-free. I cannot wait to hire Marisa again in the future!

-Zana S., Charlotte, NC, Artful Accents "Bohemian Bedroom"

My husband and I had a great experience working with Marisa Wilson of Artful Interiors. We hired Marisa for a Color Consultation for our family room, kitchen, dining room, and entryway and to help us choose a fresh backsplash that would work with our existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, and tile flooring. Marisa developed and presented us with a cohesive color scheme that flows from room to room. We are very pleased with the result and often get compliments on the wall colors! I would highly recommend Artful Interiors for your next design project.

-Laura P., Huntersville, NC, Color Consultation

Marisa was involved at each step. We are very excited about the refreshing new look she helped us achieve! The chosen theme fit our modern, yet classic taste in design. 
I highly recommend Artful Interiors!

-Vanessa T., Richmond, VA, Full Service Design

I never thought my house could look this way – this couldn’t have turned out better. It looks like a room designed by Candice Olson; she’s my favorite HGTV designer. My favorite part of the room is the gallery of family photos!

-Lylah H., Charlotte, NC, Full Service "Global Living Room"

Marisa did an amazing job with my home. She really listened and captured the essence of my style. Marisa is flexible, patient, and has amazing attention to detail. Now I love my home and can’t wait to entertain. I look forward to working with her again!

-Candace C., Charlotte, NC, Full Service "Bachelorette Pad"